IMG_0091“I’m blown away by Tracey’s expertise, poise, fabulous spirit and competence at such a tender age; I know people twice her age who are not even half as impressive.” -Beth C.

“Tracey was one of my teacher trainers in 2012. She was absolutely wonderful! Her instructions were clear and concise, she knew her stuff and it was easy to see that she was quite passionate. I appreciated her emphasis with regard to safety. She is by far one of the best yoga teachers that I’ve ever had, and I look forward to having the pleasure of working with her in the future.”  -Leslie M.

“Tracey is a wonderful teacher, an inspiration and a role model. I’ve had the good fortune to train with her twice. She is gifted at explaining concepts clearly, simply and in a way that you don’t forget. I’ve lost count of the times when something I’ve struggled with makes sense after a talk with her – and she always finds the time to help. She is articulate, compassionate, wickedly funny and never, ever lets you get away with doing less than your best.
Every class I teach has a little bit of Tracey in it somewhere!” – Shan G.

“I am grateful that I had the opportunity to have Tracey as a teacher in my Yoga Teacher Training. I first met Tracey in one of her yoga classes about a year prior to the 200hr YTT …she is so graceful in her flow….articulates herself well….her voice comforting…her encouragement welcoming and she always makes herself available to her students.
Having Tracey on the team of teachers for YTT was amazing because she has so much experience and expresses herself and beliefs without making anyone feel judged or uncomfortable. She has inspired me to deepen my meditation practice for personal growth which in turn has helped me to inspire others!! Because of Tracey I also tried teaching chair yoga…and loved it!! Teaching yoga is an incredible feeling…teaching yoga to seniors or people with restrictions that thought they would never be able to do yoga is heart warming and fulfilling. Thank you Tracey…for your guidance…knowledge and support<3″ -Julie D.